Section 8 Housing

What is Section 8?

In the Housing Choice Voucher Program, commonly known as “Section 8”, HACSA provides rental assistance to low-income families in the private rental market. HACSA forms a partnership with families and landlords to provide housing opportunities throughout Lane County. Through the Housing Choice Voucher Program families maintain secure, quality housing in neighborhoods of their choice. Vouchers are issued as a “tenant-based” subsidy which means the rental assistance is mobile and follows the family, so it may be transferred to any city or state the tenant chooses to live.

The Housing Agency pays a fixed amount toward the rent, based on the household income and the applicable payment standard set by HACSA. Participants are responsible for finding a suitable unit which has a gross rent amount that falls within the assigned rent limits -- and can pass a HACSA Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection.

More details on the program such as who qualifies, income guidelines and information for current participants can be found using the links below.

For Section 8 staff contact information see our Contact Us pages or call our main number, 541-682-3755. General questions about Section 8 may also be submitted using the Section 8 Email Form.

HACSA would like to know how many of the 1400 families
left on our waiting list are still waiting!

We are taking this opportunity to update the Section 8 waiting list to determine whether or not families with 2015 Lottery numbers 1601-3000 are still interested in Lane County, Oregon’s Section 8 Program.  In addition to updating the information on our waiting list, we would like to make you aware of the following Local Preferences:

Homeless Veteran Family Preference – applies to homeless veteran families who have been referred from a HACSA-approved entity.

  • St. Vincent de Paul – Cody Holman (541) 743-7179; Leslie Even (541) 743-7182 or Alyssa Hoekman at (541) 344-0465

Transitional Homeless Family Preference – applies to transitional housing persons who are homeless and are entering Lane County from jail or prison, who are referred from a HACSA-approved entity.

  • Sponsors – Jeffrey Shervey (541) 485-8341

Displaced Family Preference – applies to families who are displaced as a result of fire.  Persons who claim they are being or have been displaced due to fire must be a resident of Lane County, and have written verification from a HACSA-approved entity such as the Red Cross, or the Local Fire Department, within 45 days of the displacement.

Title XIX Preference – applies to persons who qualify for Title XIX services and who are referred from a HACSA-approved entity.

  • Senior & Disabled Services - Aging & Disability Resource Connection (541) 682-3353

Domestic Violence Preference – applies to persons who are victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking (as defined under VAWA), and who are referred from a HACSA-approved entity.

  • Womenspace – Donna Mayorette (541) 485-8232 ext. 208

Shelter Plus Care Preference – applies to participants in HACSA’s Shelter Plus Care Program.  To qualify, participants must have participated in the program for a minimum of two years, be in compliance with case management requirements, and not have violated their Family Obligations within 12 months of referral from the case manager.

Disabled Homeless Preference – applies to disabled homeless persons who reside in cities where an established overnight homeless shelter is not within the city limits.  Persons must be referred by a HACSA-approved entity.

  • New Winds – Debbie Douglas (541) 902-2265

Over/Under Housed HACSA Project-Based Preference – applies to families who are currently receiving project-based housing assistance from HACSA, and are over/under housed according to the occupancy guidelines for their current housing program, and there is no available units to rectify the under/over housed issue in the family’s current housing program.

If you believe you are eligible for any Local Preference please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact the HACSA-approved entity by calling the individual listed.
  2. If you are eligible with the HACSA-approved entity, please indicate on the form the agency and individual who confirmed your Local Preference eligibility.
  3. Return the Updating Applicant Information form on or before the deadline.

The letter and form are being sent to your last address on record, and are being sent via USPS first class mail.  Families must reply in writing, which may be delivered in person, by mail, or by fax, within 14 business days from the date of this letter.  Responses should be returned to HACSA at 177 Day Island Road, Eugene, OR 97401 or via fax at (541) 682-3411.  If you fail to respond within 14 business days from the date of this letter, or if the Post Office returns this letter to HACSA as undelivered, you will be removed from the Lane County Section 8 waiting list without further notice.

If you have questions, please call the Section 8 Rent Assistance Division Application Hotline at (541) 682-2504.