Section 8 Waiting List

Waiting List information last updated on 1/3/2017

Section 8 waiting list is currently working with families through lottery number 1600.   

For the 3,000 applicants who were selected in the 2015 Section 8 Waiting list lottery, we have contacted persons through lottery number 1600.  The waiting list is not expected to reopen until late 2017; check this web page for updates.

For applicants on any waiting list, you MUST maintain a current mailing address at all times as you will be contacted through the U.S. Mail when your name comes to the top of the waiting list. If your mail comes back as undeliverable or if there is no response because you moved and mail was not forwarded, your file will be canceled and you will need to reapply when the waiting list reopens.  Address changes should be made by calling 541-682-3755 or by email.  For questions regarding Section 8 housing not answered on our website, please call the Eugene office at 541-682-3755. For more general information about Section 8, please see the Section 8 pages.

Agency Owned Housing

Currently, the waiting list for 1-bedroom units in the Eugene/Springfield metropolitan area is closed.

Also closed are waiting lists for 1 and 2-bedroom units at Laurelwood Homes in Florence, all Firwood Apartments, and 3-bedroom units at Village Oaks.

We are closing the above lists because waiting times are excessively long.  We will continue to process existing applications and will re-open the lists when waiting become short again.

Wait Times for Public & Multi-Family Housing

The wait for Public and Multi-Family Housing programs can range from around one to four years, depending upon your bedroom size and your location preference.  For more detailed information, see the table below.

Public and Multi-Family Housing Wait Times

The table below shows the application dates for people most recently housed according to their bedroom sizes and location preferences.  McKenzie Village and Pengra Court are in Springfield.  Abbie Lane, Fourteen Pines, Maplewood Meadows and Parkview Terrace are in Eugene.  Laurelwood Homes is in Florence.  Riverview Terrace is in Cottage Grove.  Lindeborg Place is in Junction City.  Veneta Villa and Creswell Villa are located in their respective towns.  For more information on these complexes, use the search window and type the name of the complex.

Location Month and Year Applied:
McKenzie Village 1-Bedroom September of 2011
Parkview Terrace 1-Bedroom September 2011
Fourteen Pines 1-bedroom May of 2010
McKenzie Village & Pengra Court 2-bedroom June of 2014
Abbie Lane 2-bedroom October of 2010
Fourteen Pines 2-bedroom June of 2014
Parkview Terrace 2-bedroom September 2014
McKenzie Village & Pengra Court 3-bedroom July of 2014
Maplewood Meadows 3-bedroom July of 2014
Maplewood Meadows 4-bedroom July of 2014
Veneta Villa 1-bedroom August of 2014
Veneta Villa 2-bedroom January of 2013
Veneta Villa 3-bedroom May of 2014
Laurelwood Homes 1-bedroom

June of 2011

Laurelwood Homes 2-bedroom

July of 2014

Laurelwood Homes 3-bedroom September of 2014
Laurelwood Homes 4-bedroom April of 2014
Riverview Terrace 1-bedroom January of 2015
Creswell Villa 1-bedroom June of 2015
Lindeborg Place May of 2015

A note about fully accessible wheelchair units: Because we have a limited number of wheelchair accessible units, the wait can be quite long. Wheelchair accessible units are offered first to current residents who need them. Therefore, some applicants who need the features decide to accept a non-accessible unit and wait for an accessible unit to become available.

Also see our Renter's Tips page, link below.