Section 8 Waiting List to open on Friday, February 27, 2015 at 8:30 AM

Beginning Friday, February 27, 2015, at 8:30 AM and ending Friday, March 6, 2015 at 4:00 PM, the Housing And Community Services Agency of Lane County (HACSA) will temporarily open its Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting list and accept on-line, pre-applications from low income families who would like an opportunity to participate in a lottery to be selected for the rental assistance list.  Submitting an online application is NOT a guarantee of being placed on the waiting list.  This is NOT a first come, first served application process, but rather a pre-application to participate in the lottery which will select those to be placed on the waiting list.

To apply for Section 8 housing assistance, when the waiting list is open, please go directly to:  For additional information and a link to the on-line application, please go to our website at or call 541-682-7417.

Applications will ONLY be accepted through an ON-LINE (Internet) process.
You will need an e-mail address to complete the on-line process.  If you do not have an e-mail account, you can sign up for a free account at,,, or or use the reliable account of a friend or family member. Obtain the email address before applying.
Go directly to to begin the application process or go to for program details and the link.
You may then log-on to the secure, confidential website. The registration process and personal information may NOT be completed prior to the opening. You will need to log onto the site to submit the actual application between February 27th and March 6th.

Any previous version of the paper application for Section 8 will not be accepted and will be destroyed.  This does not include paper applications for Agency-Owned/Public Housing.

If you do not have a computer, you may access the website through any computer connection of a friend or family or through:

Local Public Libraries or Internet Cafes or The HACSA office in Eugene
If you are currently working with a local service provider, please check with them about the availability of a computer or assistance with completing an application.

All applicants will be contacted by mail letting them know if they were selected or not.

Except for the one-bedroom, Eugene/Springfield area waiting list, our Public and Assisted Housing waiting lists will continue to remain open, accepting paper applications obtained at either office or through our website at

Si usted desea escuchar esta información en español, por favor llame a la Agencia De Viviendas (Housing Agency) 541-682-2603.

HACSA does not discriminate on the basis of disabled status in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its federally assisted programs or activities.


A partir del viernes 27 de febrero del 2015 a las 8:30 AM y hasta el 6 de marzo del 2015 a las 4:00 PM, la Agencia de Viviendas y Servicios a la Comunidad de Lane County (HACSA) abrirá temporalmente la lista de espera del Programa Sección 8 y aceptará pre-aplicaciones en línea (vía Internet) de familias de bajos recursos que deseen la oportunidad de participar en la lotería y ser seleccionados para la lista de asistencia del pago de renta.  El que usted presente una pre-aplicación en línea, NO le garantiza que será  puesto en la lista de espera. Este no es un proceso en el que se atiende primero al que primero entrega su aplicación, más bien es una pre-aplicación para ser considerada en la lotería en donde se seleccionará a aquellos que serán incluidos en la lista de espera.

Para aplicar al Programa Sección 8, cuando la lista de espera haya sido abierta, por favor visite nuestra página de internet a Para información adicional o para encontrar una liga para la aplicación visite la página de internet o llame al 541-682-2603.

Sólo se aceptarán aplicaciones en línea (vía internet).

Usted necesitará un correo electrónico para poder completar el proceso vía internet. Si Ud. no tiene un correo electrónico, puede adquirir uno en las siguientes páginas de internet;,, o También podría utilizar el correo electrónico de un amigo o familiar en quien usted confíe. Obtenga el correo electrónico antes de aplicar para Sección 8.

Visite la página de internet para iniciar el proceso de aplicación o visite la página de internet para detalles del programa y la liga para la aplicación.

Entonces podrá entrar a una página de internet segura y confidencial. El proceso de registro e información confidencial NO debe llevarse a cabo antes de que se abra la lista de espera. Usted deberá registrarse en esta página de internet para meter su aplicación entre el 27 de febrero y el 6 de marzo.

Cualquier otra versión de la aplicación al Programa de Sección 8 no será aceptada y será destruida.  Esto no incluye solicitudes en papel para el programa de Vivienda Pública/Propiedad de la Agencia.

Si no tiene computadora, usted puede obtener acceso a la página de internet utilizando cualquier computadora con internet de un amigo o familiar, o en los siguientes lugares:

Bibliotecas públicas o Cafes Internet locales   ·   La oficina de HACSA en Eugene

Si está utilizando los servicios de otras agencias y organizaciones en la comunidad, pregunte en ahi si  tienen acceso a una computadora o si le pueden ayudar con este proceso.

Todas las personas que aplicaron serán contactadas por correo para dejarles saber si fueron seleccionados o no.

Exceptuando la lista de espera para unidades de una recámara en Eugene/Springfield, nuestras listas de espera para los programas de Vivienda Públicas y de Asistencia siguen y aceptan aplicaciones en papel, misma que puede conseguir en nuestras oficinas o en nuestra página de internet,

HACSA no discrimina en base al estado de discapacidad en la admisión o acceso a, o en la forma en la que se le trata, o cuando es empleado en, los programas de asistencia federal o actividades.

 Agency Owned Housing

Effective January 1, 2015, the waiting list for 1-bedroom subsidized units in the Eugene/Springfield metropolitan area is closed.

We will continue to process 1-bedroom applications for Eugene but will not accept any more such applications until further notice.  Also, 1-bedroom applicants who want Springfield only may wish to consider accepting a unit in Eugene, as 1-bedroom units in Springfield are filled exclusively through internal HACSA transfers.

Wait Times for Public & Multi-Family Housing

The wait for Public and Multi-Family Housing programs can range from around six months to nearly three years, depending upon your bedroom size and your location preference.  For more detailed information, see the table below.

Wait Times for Village Oaks Apartments (Effective 12/1/14, the Village Oaks 1-bedroom waiting list is closed.)

The waiting times for Village Oaks two bedroom units are usually shorter than other programs because Village Oaks has flat rents that some people cannot afford.  Applicants need at least two times the rent in monthly income to qualify for Village Oaks.  The wait times for one and three bedroom units can be longer.

Wait Times for Firwood Apartments

The wait for one-bedroom units at Firwood is usually a few months, but can be longer. The wait for a two-bedroom unit at Firwood can be much longer because there are only a few of them at this complex.

Public and Multi-Family Housing Wait Times

The table below refers to the Month and Year an application was submitted for people who have attended our most recent meeting for their bedroom size and geographic location.  The people who have attended a meeting have just beginning the eligibility process.  If found eligible, their wait for a unit can still be a matter of weeks or months.  Therefore, there may be people with older application dates than those listed below who are just waiting for a unit to come available.  We cannot predict when someone will be housed.

Location Now Serving Applications From:
Eugene/Springfield, 1 Bedroom January 2010
Eugene/Springfield, 2 Bedroom March of 2012
Eugene/Springfield, 3 Bedroom January of 2014
Eugene/Springfield, 4 Bedroom August of 2011
All Outlying, 1 Bedroom* January of 2014
Veneta, 2 Bedroom February of 2012
Veneta, 3 Bedroom July of 2013
Veneta, 4 Bedroom August of 2011
Florence, 1 Bedroom January of 2012
Florence, 2 Bedroom June of 2013
Florence, 3 Bedroom July of 2013
Florence, 4 Bedroom January of 2011
* Outlying includes Veneta, Cottage Grove, Creswell, and Junction City.

To calculate the current wait for the various programs, count the number of months from the application date of those who we are serving to today’s date. Be aware that the wait can become longer or shorter depending upon the number of vacancies in each program. This page is usually updated around the first of each month.

Other Information on Wait Times

For elderly or disabled one-bedroom applicants, the wait for a unit in Eugene can be at anywhere from 4 to 6 years, ,depending upon vacancy rates. One-bedroom units in Springfield are offered to existing residents who need to downsize due to a family composition change. The wait for one-bedroom elderly or disabled units can be much shorter in Outlying Areas, such as Cottage Grove, Creswell, Junction City and Veneta.

A note about fully accessible wheelchair units: Because we have a limited number of wheelchair accessible units, the wait can be quite long. Wheelchair accessible units are offered first to current residents who need them. Therefore, some applicants who need the features decide to accept a non-accessible unit and wait for an accessible unit to become available.

The waiting time for agency-owned four-bedroom units can be quite long because there are only 17 of them in all of Lane County.

Also see our Renter's Tips page, link below.